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 Covenant Gathering 2018 Adult Courses

101 Embodying the Text: New Ways to Read, See, and Reveal God’s Word
Almost every week for the past two years, Ryan Landino has produced nontraditional Sixty Second Sermon videos using little more than a Bible and a smart phone. Going outside the box with humor, playfulness, and subverting expectations, his videos have greatly enriched his study of scripture and preaching ministry. Join Ryan to explore different exegetical methods and study processes that can take Scripture interpreters to a deeper level where we can envision new possibilities with the text, and harness our imaginative energies to express them creatively. We will look at scripture together, discuss basic filmmaking techniques, and share Sixty Second Sermon models, while trying our hand at making our own creative expressions of the text through video. Acting is voluntary and no equipment is needed. All lovers of scripture are welcome!

102 Finding Hope in the Midst of Climate Change

Human beings need certain things to thrive--water, energy, food, and community. We depend on the earth to provide what we need. But the rapid changes in the climate threaten all of these basic necessities. Eileen Best, a Certified Christian Educator, will lead a discussion of the risks that we face in agriculture, energy production, safe-guarding our water, and other topics related to climate change. The challenges are almost over-whelming, but the way that you and I live our lives does make a difference. There are ways that we can work together in the hope that all of God's children can have the resources they need to thrive.  

103 Bible Study: Rooted and Grounded in Love
Scripture overflows with love—love of place, love of people, love of God and especially God’s love for us. Love is lived out in connections and covenants, in word and deed. Bryce Wiebe will help us explore Biblical stories and examples of love and how it holds us all together in faith and service to God.

201 Drawing and Watercolor technique
Artist Woody Amidon will provide basic drawing instruction and guide you in creating drawings that will become paintings. You will explore ways to apply paint and various ways to create texture. Workshop participants will need to bring their own watercolor paints, brushes and paper if possible. Woody will have a limited number of supplies for folks who do not have their own paints and bushes and who want to explore painting. You will also be able to work on your paintings in afternoons.

202 How Does Your Church Family Work?
This class is an introduction to family systems theory as developed by Bowen and Friedman and applied especially in the complex, messy life we live together in church. The Rev. Laura Reason will lead us through basic components of a family emotional system and help us reflect on our own behaviors and practice the application of theory through case studies and role plays.  Since practice is the very best way to incorporate this sort of thinking in our leading, 10 hours of post class coaching will be provided upon request for at home project planned with the instructor during the week of Covenant Gathering.    

203 Get Your Game On
Dr. Chip Weisgerber brings new ideas about making disciples of all generations, by exploring various aspects of intergenerational ministry. Anticipated topics including ice breakers and games, ideas for children and youth ministry, outreach, volunteer recruitment and management, teambuilding and interactive activities for all ages. We will also work together to plan and present a community event during the week.



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